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Posted By admin on 06/21/21

Penny has a very tasty-looking set of breasts on her and If I play my cards right, those tits are going to be mine for the taking. I found Penny’s profile at and she just seemed to be the perfect casual fuck for me.

I am usually not this direct but something about Penny was calling for me to be as direct as I could be. I made my own free profile and I decided to take a chance and see if Penny wanted to have a bit of a hookup session. At the time I wasn’t expecting a reply, I wasn’t thinking she’d give me or my cock the time of day.

I certainly don’t mind being wrong, not when it means I’m going to be getting my balls deep in this milf pussy. I feel like we made a good connection and I’ll be finding out just how good that is because we’re going to be hooking up within the next week. I hope this becomes a regular thing for us because I am certainly going to take whatever my cock can get from this milf fuck buddy.

We can keep things on a casual basis and if need be we can move it up if that becomes an issue. The main issue for me at this time is being ready enough to make her beg for it. I feel as though I am going to crumble at the thought of busting a nut inside that milf pussy, but I guess we’ll soon see about that!

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Posted By admin on 10/21/17

A lot of guys have all sorts of misconceptions regarding single milfs. They think that they are necessarily much, much older. We are talking about women who are in their 40’s who are into sex with younger guys.

While that is definitely true on a statistical basis, there are also women who are 18-21 who had kids or single moms who also want dick on a regular basis. They don’t want a boyfriend. They don’t want any emotional attachments. They don’t want any of that bullshit. They’re smart because they don’t want the unnecessary drama. These chicks know what they want and they know how to get it.

A lot of guys believe that this demographic form the best single milfs out there. If they are out to fuck single milfs with the help of meetmilfs, they would shoot for this demographic. Well, I’m telling you, if you are thinking along those lines, you might want to stop. Seriously. The one thing that should scare you about all of this is the fact that the competition is going to be huge.

Websites that cater to single milfs like these look and operate like gay dating sites. I know that’s funny, but when you join those websites, there are so many guys to every single milf out there that it’s not worth joining. It’s like you stepped into some fucked up, sweaty, nasty, noisy sausage factory. It’s all wall to wall dick. So don’t waste your time.

Single milfs, if you are ever going to bang them, must be in their 30’s or 40’s. These are women who are hardcore and who are aggressive and don’t play the mind games of younger women. Also, there’s less demand for them from horny college guys. You put all these factors together, then your chances of success with this demographic is much better.

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